NASLORD is a fully featured
multitenancy manager for
PowerScale clusters.
Managing multitenancy on PowerScale cluster
OneFS, the operating system running on PowerScale clusters, has the ability to support multiple tenants. It can support up to fifty separate tenants in a single cluster, each with their own subnet, routing, DNS, and security infrastructure. OneFS provides the ability to separate data layout using SmartPools, export and share level segregation, granular authentication and access control with Access Zones, and network partitioning with SmartConnect, subnets, and VLANs.

Here comes NASLORD, tenant manager for PowerScale

NASLORD provides additional features over OneFS by simplifying and offering tenant self-service management on Quotas, Snapshot Schedules, SMB shares and NFS exports.
Using NASLORD, administrators can delegate full Access Zone management to their tenant admins. Those tenant admins, called "Access Zone Administrators" obtain a simple and secure way to manage objects associated with their own Access Zone.
NASLORD can manage one or multiple PowerScale Clusters. When using NASLORD, "Access Zone Administrators" can only see and manage the Access Zone(s) for which they have been authorized. They can browse the file system within their Access Zones and can also view, create, edit and delete objects such as Quotas, Snapshot Schedules, NFS exports and SMB shares, on directories under their Access Zones.
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OVA Appliance
NASLORD is distributed as a portable, ready-to-go appliance. The NASLORD virtual appliance is based on Photon OS, a highly sanitized, security-hardened and enterprise-grade Operating System.
Access-zone restricted administration
Provides Access Zone Administrators access to manage:
  • Folders residing under their "Access Zone" base directory
  • SMB Shares
  • NFS Exports
  • Quotas
  • Snapshot Schedules
All securely restricted to their Access Zone.
Multi-Cluster management
NASLORD can manage one or multiple clusters of any size and of any supported version of OneFS.
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